Tooling Top Tips ART


Using your tools correctly can improve productivity and the life span of your abrasives.

  • Using the correct tools will improve productivity and life span of abrasives. We recommend a 2.5-3mm orbit sanders for areas you will polish, a 5mm orbit for paint preparation and an 8-10mm orbit for panel repair.

  • Selecting the correct optimal speed of the tool also increases the lifespan of the abrasives along with productivity. What is the optimum speed you should use? Here's a surprise for some people, it's not full speed! Try and keep to a medium speed on your tools or refer to technical data sheets

  • Look after your tools! When was the last time your workforce tools were maintained? Oiled? You wouldn't run a car for 2 years without checking the oil, oil as per data sheet and extend the life and performance of your air tools

 Is your team doing this? Get in touch with Mirka and we will come and do a workshop health check on all of the above.