Continuous Improvement towards Sustainability

Changing conditions inspire us to improve and grow our business. We see that our customers are as interested in sustainability as we are. This is why our product development is focused on innovating the best sustainable products and systems, while continually improving our own environmental performance.

Clean Production

Our production work culture is team-oriented. We work together to reach high-level safety, quality, efficiency, and sustainability goals in all of our manufacturing facilities.

Over the years, we have:

  • reduced the amount of VOCs by 250 000 litres by eliminating Isopropanol as a solvent for stearate coating.
  • phased out phtalates, used for softening purposes, in 2004.
  • found a phenolic resin to use with lower content of free monomers over 15 years ago.
  • eliminated use of chromium (for colour).

In 2012,

  • we eliminated the use of the toxic substance cryolite (two tonnes per year) entirely.


• we are developing a process that is xylene-free for fine grit production. This process will be used to manufacture waterproof finishing sheets, a Mirka niche product.