Mirka launches a new kind of wool pad


The Pukka Pad is a new innovative wool pad for polishing.

The Pukka Pad is a new innovative (Mirka patent pending) wool pad for polishing. This is a new way of producing wool pads. The raw material source, the sheep, can go on producing wool from year to year, as only the fibres are used, not the skin.

The pad is stitched into loops of natural wool fibres. This prevents the wool pad from splashing the compound during the process.

With this technique it is possible to mix different kind of wool types in order to achieve an optimal cut and surface gloss. In addition to this the quality of the Pukka Pad is more even.

The pad is available in three sizes: 90 mm, 150 mm and 180 mm.

Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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