Mirka performed a global customer satisfaction survey end of last year, focusing primarily on the service level of deliveries.

The response level was high, and we appreciate all the received responses which are being analysed and worked on to further develop our processes to provide an even better customer experience.

Close to 90% of the respondents rate our overall delivery service as satisfactory and out of those 40% consider themselves being very satisfied with us

We are committed to keeping our promises

We are easy to do business with, but we want to offer customers something beyond that. Therefore, we regularly perform satisfaction surveys, on global level and on local level. The responses from our customers are being taken into consideration on our future strategy planning.

The majority of the respondents evaluated the overall delivery service to be satisfactory or above. Furthermore, the respondents were asked to rank their satisfaction according to five delivery attributes:
1. Precise invoicing
2. Easy ordering
3. Clear documentation
4. Complete and accurate delivery
5. Timely delivery

We are continuously seeking to improve

“We are very grateful for all the replies and I would like to thank each one of the respondents for taking time to answer the survey. The answers have now been analysed and internal actions have been taken to further enhance our customer service,” says Customer Excellence Manager Christina Strand.

Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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