Cutting power and gloss with new Polarshine® 45


Mirka kicks it up a notch with a new water-based and silicone-free compound for polishing gelcoat and other hard surfaces. The new polishing compound for the marine industry tackles hard surfaces such as gelcoat with both cutting power and high gloss finish.

Sales Director Leonardo Latini from Mirka’s Italian daughter company collaborates closely with the region’s boat and yacht manufacturing industry, where he says the new compound has already been warmly received:
“Our customers in Italy have tested Polarshine 45 extensively, with positive feedback for cutting power as well as gloss level. It was even found to increase the lifetime of the wool pad used.”
Both user and environmentally friendly, the compound is water-based for achieving sustainable and long-lasting results. With Polarshine 45, you can achieve an excellent level of final gloss on gelcoat surfaces, both newly sanded and older, Latini states:
“Fewer sanding steps are needed in production, where it can remove even P600 level sanding scratches. When used on old gelcoat, Polarshine 45 removes really heavy oxidation and restores colour.”
Depending on the hue, the easy-to-clean compound can even be used as a one-step polishing solution, according to Latini.
”In high-end marine production, customers won’t settle for less than a world-class finish. Polarshine 45 gets you there faster.”  
The new polishing compound is yet another addition to Mirka’s surface finishing solution palette, which includes abrasives, sanders and dust extractors.
Polarshine 45 is available to order starting from September 2019. Please contact your nearest Mirka representative for further information on local availability.
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