Mirka launches two new abrasives with state-of-the-art coating technology. Iridium and Novastar are available worldwide starting from September.

Today we introduce not just one, but two new abrasives families, Mirka Iridium® and Novastar™, worldwide. The new paper and film-backed abrasives are premium products aimed at automotive refinishing, wood and manufacturing industries, including marine and vehicle.

According to Stefan Sjöberg, CEO of Mirka Ltd, 2018 is going to be a landmark year for paper and film abrasives: “Iridium and Novastar are not just an improvement on our earlier products, we’ve really aimed at redefining abrasives manufacturing technology: new optimised grains, new coating and curing techniques as well as Mirka’s new multihole patterns.”

Developed in parallel, the abrasives are similar – though not the same – as he explains. “They both have a unique dust-repellent surface that doesn’t clog, so the grains stay sharp longer.” This is key to the top performance, Sjöberg says “We’ve done over 300 field tests worldwide at the beginning of the year to verify the customer value and the results were overwhelmingly positive. Speed, efficiency, lifetime and dust extraction are unrivalled.”

The paper-backed abrasive, Iridium is introduced in grits 80-600. It is ideal for premium body shops, wood shops and painters & decorators. The products available are 125 and 150 mm discs, as well as 81x133 mm and 70x400 mm strips. The longer strip has a centre perforation, so it fits 70x198 mm sanders as well.

Novastar is the new film-backed abrasive that is waterproof and non-clogging. Key markets include marine, composites and vehicle manufacturing. The grit range is 80-600. The products available are 125 and 150 mm discs.

The new products are a part of the new generation of Intelligent abrasives® that take your performance to the next level. If you want to experience the products live, please contact your local Mirka sales representative or visit our stand at Automechanica 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. 

More information:  www.mirka.com/iridium   www.mirka.com/novastar

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