Mirka’s digital services are no longer confined to an app on your mobile device. With the Dashboard you can access myMirka from any web browser. Additional services such as myTools and myWorkers give detailed information about Mirka tools and how they are used.

The starting point of myMirka was to offer a simple way of looking after your hands when sanding. We developed the app to track vibration from the integrated vibration sensor in our most popular electric sanders utilising Bluetooth® technology. Thanks to the connectivity we can also offer easy access to tool data and convenient warranty registration via the app.

Beyond the myMirka app

Now, Mirka takes the next step to expand our IoT offering by introducing the myMirka Dashboard, a service you can log onto directly from your browser. It’s connected to your Mirka tools via the myMirka app, which sends tool and usage data to the Dashboard. This opens up new possibilities. With all your Mirka tool information easily accessible, the dashboard has additional features for you to utilise the data available at your fingertips. The Dashboard is available for free for registered users with basic features, additional features require a subscription.

Explore all features for free

The first two services included are myTools and myWorkers. myTools is your tool fleet at a glance, with detailed information such as the speed, running time and temperature of the motor available in the paid version. myWorkers gives you an overview of all workers and tools in use, with added analytics such as daily vibration exposure data available in the paid version. You can now explore all features of these two services during a 90 day trial period. Sign up for the dashboard via the myMirka app or at mymirka.mirka.com. All tools that have been registered with your e-mail address will be visible on your myMirka Dashboard account.

Learn more, stay connected and discover the Internet of Things through myMirka:

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