Mirka's new 1230 dust extractors improve the performance


Today, health and safety issues are becoming increasingly important. Sanding tools and abrasives are made more and more efficient, with focus on dust-free applications. This development places higher requirements on the dust extractors. To meet these demands, the Mirka dust extractor range has been extended with new versions of Mirka dust extractors:

Mirka® Dust Extractor 1230 L PC

Mirka® Dust Extractor1230 L AFC (AutoFilterCleaning)

Mirka® Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC (AutoFilterCleaning)

The 1230 dust extractor range is equipped with a high-performance 1200 W motor and a 1-stage turbine that creates 250 mbar suction with an airflow of 4500 l/min. The new 1230 dust extractors include the auto-start function. As the dust extractor only runs when the power tool is in use, thanks to the auto start function, there is less noise and at the same time the dust extractor gains a longer lifetime. Bigger wheels significantly improve maneuverability on uneven floor surfaces. Another advantage is that the filter is easy to reach through a separate opening in the back without removing the upper part.

These models are available in EU and UK.

Read more about the new Mirka dust extractors by downloading the leaflet.

Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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