New multihole pattern for Mirka’s popular paper abrasives


Gold and Q. Silver Ace discs get a boost from new hole configuration.

Mirka’s most popular paper backed abrasives are getting a boost in performance that increases their efficiency, lifetime and dust extraction capabilities. Better dust extraction translates into productivity growth. Less clogging of the abrasive surface not only increases speed and durability, it improves the quality of the surface finish. All this is at the core of Mirka’s surface finishing solutions according to CEO Stefan Sjöberg: “No matter what surface you are working with and what tools you like to use, our ambition is always to enable you to achieve the best possible finish.”

Gold is an all-round product known for its versatility and quality finish. Q. Silver Ace is a ceramic premium abrasive with great performance on demanding applications. Sjöberg explains the background to the new multihole products: “Our aim for the past two decades has been to provide a safe working environment with as little dust as possible, primarily accomplished by Mirka’s net products, power tools and dust extraction systems. Now Mirka has focused on further improving the properties also of paperbacked abrasives, to provide the full benefit to the user of our end-to-end system and application knowledge.”

For Gold and Q. Silver Ace, Mirka has developed multihole patterns with superior dust extraction – greater efficiency, quality, and lifetime – compared to traditional paper abrasives and other multihole patterns on the market.

Gold and Q. Silver Ace 150 mm (6”) discs are now available with the new patterns, which have 37 holes for coarser grits and 121 holes for finer grits.

Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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