New Novastar® Flex for sanding of curved surfaces


Mirka expands its Novastar abrasive range with new ultra-flexible hand sanding sheets for contours and edges. "With the new Novastar Flex sheets, the superior flexibility allows you to sand any challenging shape or hard to reach area with a light touch," says Business Sector Manager for Automotive Refinishing Ulf-Peter Åstrand.

The new Novastar Flex abrasives tackle all kinds of shapes and curves that are inaccessible with machine sanding. Ulf-Peter Åstrand explains why hand sanding still plays an important role in body shops: “Modern cars have complex contours and lines which are not only difficult to reach with a sander but you run the risk of sanding through the clear coat in the edges if you’re not careful. With the new Novastar Flex sheets, you can sand any challenging shape with a light touch.”

Practicality as well as performance

According to Åstrand, user-friendliness was at the forefront when developing the new Novastar Flex sheets. “Colour-coded grits, centre perforation and grip backing makes the sheets easy to use. Our products are always tested by customers before launch and all of the above received positive feedback from users.” Of course, performance is key. “What our customers most appreciate is the fine scratch pattern finish and long lifetime of the new Novastar Flex sheets”, Åstrand adds. In addition to Novastar Flex sheets, Mirka also introduces new hand pads to match, in two different sizes. The benefit of the pad is a more even surface, according to Åstrand. “The sheets won’t break or wrinkle when folded but using them on a soft hand pad makes sanding even smoother.” 

Well-rounded product range

The new flexible sheets are the latest addition to the Novastar abrasive range first introduced to the market last year. From coarse to fine sanding with Novastar discs, spot repairs with Novastar SR and hand sanding with the new Novastar Flex, the range is increasing in size and versatility in response to customer demand. As Åstrand puts it: “You asked, we listened”.

The new abrasives are available to order starting from September 2019. Please contact your nearest Mirka representative for further information on local availability.

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