Remove scratches from screens with Remint™


Mirka’s new patent-pending solution for smartphone refurbishing, Remint™, removes cosmetic flaws in minutes, restoring uniform gloss on chemically hardened glass in a low-cost and environmentally sound process.

Remint is the new series of abrasive and polishing compounds aimed at repairing scratched displays.

“It will revolutionize the way screens are repaired on smart mobile devices”, says Mårten Eriksson, Business Manager at Mirka. “It makes it possible to remove all scratches and get a brand-new surface that is easy to polish to a like-new condition in just minutes.”

Cosmetic flaws are a common challenge in the smartphone refurbishing market, where a damaged screen must often be replaced before the device can be resold. The same applies to tablets and smartwatches.

“With a reduced need to replace devices or device screens, Remint can make a real difference to the smartphone refurbishing market and sales of used devices”, Eriksson says. “It restores uniform gloss on chemically hardened glass and is suitable for both factory refurbishment of devices, and as a tool in repair specialist shops.”

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