Thermo Polishing elevates training in paint shops


Positive feedback for Mirka’s new augmented reality tool from Finnish vehicle manufacturer

Mirka has launched a new augmented reality tool for polishing, Thermo Polishing, which is ideal for training purposes in paint shops. Thermo Polishing consists of an infrared camera, smart glasses and laptop. With this equipment, you can track the heat generated from polishing and improve your technique in a way never before experienced. Valmet Automotive spent weeks testing Thermo Polishing in their paint shop and the feedback was very positive.

“The Thermo Polishing tool is truly convincing and we are highly pleased with the results we have achieved with it” Tapio Kunnasmaa, Project Engineer at Valmet Automotive

Being able to follow in real time what is happening thermally at the surface you are working on increases polishing accuracy and eliminates defaults. Fewer errors mean fewer hours spent reworking, leading to significant cost-saving in the long run. Getting the best surface finish on new vehicles is easier than before and using the tool for training ensures consistent quality for the manufacturer. Thermo Polishing is the ideal tool for training both current and new employees.

Find out more about Thermo Polishing and how it was tested by Valmet Automotive: watch the video

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