Upgraded Optimized Surface Preparation System


At Mirka, we are constantly developing and improving our products and services to better meet our customers’ needs. Our OSP system focuses on speed, control, simplicity and repeatability, with an innovative combination of superior abrasives and state-of-the-art tools. Now, we’ve updated steps 3 and 4 to maximize efficiency and improve results.

The OSP net abrasive no. 3 has been updated and is made with ceramic grains, further improving toughness. The previous foam paper disc no. 4 has been replaced and there is now a new no. 4 OSP net sanding disc. This means that the OSP system consists of net abrasives from start to finish, for a completely dust-free sanding process. Both no.3 and no.4 net abrasives have a stronger backing, making them last even longer.

A standardised repair process is one of the keys to get the smooth workflow in the body shop. With the OSP system it is a clear and simple process which impacts to keep the focus and achieve the goal for the day – Correct accomplished repairs on time.

Time studies performed in body shops show a time saving in sanding process of 30% thanks to the OSP system. The simplified OSP system gives a reduced abrasive material consumption. Facts based on studies in body shops show an abrasive material decrease of 32%.

Just some of the benefits include:

  • Increased sanding speed and efficiency saves time on every job which boosts productivity and profitability.

  • Standardized, step-by-step processes means predictable, consistent quality on every repair.

  • ‘Dust free’ – the workshop stays cleaner which helps reduce the risk of dust inclusions in paintwork and minimises the need for de-nibbing.

  • Healthier workshop environment for staff.

The new net sanding discs are available from November 2016.


Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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