Over the past thirty years, Mirka USA Inc. has grown into one of the world's largest producers of coated abrasives. Today we have a wide product range for individual operations and complete sanding systems for specialized applications. Our product range includes not only abrasives, but tools and accessories, as well as polishing components.

Mirka Smart Cart
The Mirka Smart Cart is the perfect solution to keep all your abrasives, tools, and dust extraction at one place in an integrated, dust-free sanding system.
Now Available Mirka® DEROS
Unequal performance. Brushless DC Power.
Fast, efficient, and standard repair process
Popular Woodworking magazine reviews the Mirka® DEROS
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The Polarshine product range consists of polishing compounds from coarse through to fine grades and, when combined with Mirka polishers and pads, is ideal for producing a high quality result.
Mirka Net Sanding
Patented construction eliminates clogging and pilling
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2+1 Year Warranty for Mirka Sanders