High Quality Surface Finish on Composite Materials

The Composites-sector embraces a large variety of industries such as Tier1 suppliers, the marine industry, aviation, manufacturers of trailer parts, recreational vehicles, trains, bowling balls, bathroom interiors as well as the wind turbine industry. Our product range covers abrasives for the widest range of applications within this sector, from the grinding of glass fiber reinforced polyester and the sanding of contoured surfaces and moulds to polishing composite surfaces with a top class finish for the discerning customer.

Mirka's dust-free sanding solutions and new sanding & polishing concept guarantee a high-quality surface finish on virtually all composite materials.

Mirka has the complete system for sanding and polishing solid surfaces: abrasives, polishing compounds and tools. The abrasives used are Abranet and Abralon. In this process we use the polishing compound Polarshine 10. We have different tools for sanding bigger surfaces and profiles and hard-to-reach areas.

Mirka is Launching a Complete Solution for Bowling Ball Surface Preparation

This new surface preparation system does the job significantly faster than any existing method and it also gives a unique quality of the surface finish. By using Mirka’s bowling ball surface preparation system you can prepare the surface of a bowling ball in just a few minutes leaving a state-of-the-art surface quality never seen before by any existing surface preparation methods.

Mirka Polishing