Solutions for marine production and restoration

Mirka offers a comprehensive range of products for various marine applications. From boat manufacturing, including high-end yacht production, to boat refurbishing and restoration, Mirka can deliver. 

With a great variety of boats and watercrafts to work with, there are different materials and different requirements on the production level. Mirka’s industry-level products and award-winning tools suit everything from the contours of composite boats to smoothening out the gelcoat finish  – from small scale to high volume production. 

When your boat needs maintenance and refurbishment, Mirka’s complete product portfolio can take you from start to finish. Our innovative refurbishing solutions give you better results with fewer steps.


Heavy cutting power – high gloss finish

The new Polarshine® 45 is a coarse and fast cutting polishing compound that helps you polish in less time. It still achieves a perfect deep gloss finish. ​

Why Polarshine 45?​

  • Removes sanding scratches from P600 and finer quickly and permanently. ​
  • Designed for hard surfaces and coatings.

Polarshine 45 water-based and silicone-free compound restores colour and shine to faded surfaces.

Polarshine. Inspired by nature, respectful of the environment. 

Polarshine 45


Polarshine 45 can be used as a one-step polishing process (for white and light colours). For darker colours, we recommend a two-step polishing process together with Polarshine 10.


Product range for marine applications

Production solutions

We have the right products for creating a perfect plug and mould for composite vessels or smoothening out the gelcoat finish. From small scale to high volume production, we have the solution.

Maintenance solutions

Whether your boat needs maintenance for keeping it presentable and seaworthy, or you’re doing a complete refurbishing job, Mirka’s surface finishing range gets you from start to finish. Our innovative maintenance solutions give you better results with fewer steps.

Here we have listed abrasives, polish compounds, tools, and accessories for marine applications. Please contact your local Mirka representative for more detailed information on how to use them, and what products to use on what surface or for what application. 

Polarshine Marine Cleaning

Get ready for the boating season with Mirka’s Polarshine Marine Cleaning products! The Polarshine Marine Cleaning range offers a complete package for washing, cleaning, finishing and preserving a boat’s gelcoat surface. Combined with other Mirka Polarshine products it is a great solution for keeping your boat looking presentable from season to season.

Boat sanding and polishing tools