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About Us

Decades of experience and a strong commitment to product development has seen us become a pioneering specialist in flexible abrasives and revolutionary, patented products which allow customers to enjoy a truly dust-free surface finishing process.

Additionally, we have through our innovative research and development program, also launched new microfinishing products for optimised engineered surface finishing processes, as well as a full range of polishing compounds.

Moreover, the growing Mirka Power Tools department develops and manufactures advanced sanding and polishing machines, providing outstanding ergonomic and functional benefits to users. These innovatively designed tools combined with a range of effective, high quality accessories, give Mirka´s customers' unmatched access to a complete sanding solution to meet their individual needs.

Mirka is a globally expanding company with 15 subsidiaries located in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Headquarters and production are located in Finland. More than 90% of our products are exported and sold in more than 90 countries.

Our Vision

"We wish to reach a market position, where customers and interested parties see us as a market leader and the most responsible company who drives innovation in our core business sectors."

Our Mission

"To give people the opportunity to perform better."

Our Values

  • For all results & resources.
  • Ethical business practice.
  • Structured and well organized.
  • Cost-aware.
  • Keep our promises.
  • Close to the customer.
  • Dedicated to high performance.
  • Passionate people.
  • Open to new ideas.
  • Continuously seeks to improve.
  • We create solutions that are good for us,
  • our customers and society as a whole.
  • Every individual is valuable and can contribute.
  • Open work environment.
  • Warm and genuine.
  • Fair.

Our Brands

The Mirka logo is our main brand.

Quality from start to finish

is our slogan and brand promise. Quality from start to finish is used together with the bulldog.

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The Mirka Story

Mirka was founded in 1943 in Helsinki by the engineer Onni Aulo. Due to the war-time circumstances and technical problems, the production did not start until January 1946. Despite obstacles and strict regulations at that time, Onni Aulo succeeded in just half a year's time to learn how to manage the production process, something which was quite an achievement. After many moves and various economic successes the company decided in 1962 to move to Kiitola in Jeppo, where they had found suitable premises. In 1966 Oy Keppo Ab bought Mirka and in 1973 the two companies were merged.

Already in the early 1960'es a considerable part of Mirka's products were exported to the USA, as well as to Great Britain and Iceland. Thanks to the growing export markets, the productivity more than doubled in 1965. At the end of the 1970's, exports amounted to 54 % of the turnover.

In order to survive on the international abrasives market, it was necessary to give up the cheap bulk products and concentrate instead on product development and high class industry products. In 1969, the first high class products reached the market and in the same year the manufacturing of self-adhesive discs started, which is still today the most important product group.

Since the new products required better production equipment and enlarged facilities, it was decided in 1972 to invest in a modern factory which was ready the following year.

In 1977 parts of the production were moved to Oravais. The Oravais factory has been gradually expanding over the years, most recently in 2003. The factory in Jeppo has been gradually expanding during the 1980'es and 90'es. The automated warehouse, the Jumbo Tower, Mirka's landmark in Jeppo was ready in 1996 and in September 2004 the newest building, hall 9 and office facilities, were inaugurated.

The first sales companies were founded in the UK in 1976 and in Germany in 1980. The subsidiary in the USA was founded in 1985, followed by Sweden and France in 1992, Italy in 1995 and Spain in 2003. An export office was founded in 1996 in Malaysia and was in 2000 moved to Singapore, nowadays a subsidiary administrating the whole Asia Pacific region. During 2006 Mirka opened subsidiaries in Brazil and Mexico and a representative office in Shanghai, China. In 2008 the representative office in China became an independent subsidiary. During that year Mirka also established a subsidiary in Russia. A new subsidiary was founded in Canada in 2009. During the same year the subsidiary in Sweden was changed into Mirka Scandinavia with branch offices in Norway and Denmark. The newest subsidiary was founded in 2010 in India to strengthening Mirka’s position in Asia.

Today Mirka is an international company and a member of the KWH Group. The KWH Group was established in 1984 when Oy Keppo Ab bought half the shares of Oy Wiik & Höglund Ab. The KWH Group is an internationally recognized actor in the business world of today.

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Innovative products

Mirka’s focus on R&D has allowed it to offer a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, tools and supplementary products. Together they offer a total innovative solution that delivers real benefits to customers in terms of speed, first-class efficiency, surface finish quality and cost effectiveness.

The extensive range includes unique and patented products such as Abralon and Abranet which have quickly become highly-regarded names in the abrasives field. In fact, the performance of these innovative dust-free surface finishing technologies has proven so superior to traditional systems, they have already changed many people’s perceptions of sanding.

By maximising efficiency while also minimising costs it’s easy to see why the Mirka range is more than a match for the most demanding applications.

Mirka is the ultimate ‘total sanding solution’!

Quality from Start to Finish

The Mirka slogan, ‘Quality from start to finish’, states the company’s high standards for all to see. We set high standards for ourselves, our environment and our products and innovation is at the forefront of our success. Mirka people are encouraged to continually challenge traditional concepts and apply creative thinking to develop unique solutions that give customers a clear edge. For example, Mirka’s Net Sanding concept makes it the first abrasives manufacturer in the world to develop a dust-free sanding solution that actually achieved what it set out to do – sand without dust!

Mirka is also the first company in the abrasives sector to be independently assessed and certified for the three most important quality standards – ISO 9001 quality assurance system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system.


Mirka Ltd

Decades of experience and a strong commitment to product development has seen Mirka become a pioneering specialist in flexible abrasives and products that allow for true dust-free surface finishing. These innovations are further backed by the creation of ground-breaking new coatings production processes. Thanks to its commitment to innovative design and development, the new Mirka Power Tools unit has created advanced sanding and polishing machines which also providing outstanding benefits to users. Combined with a range of effective, high quality accessories, this gives Mirka customers unmatched access to a complete sanding solution to meet their individual needs.

All of Mirka’s products are manufactured in Finland and more than 90 % are exported and sold in over 80 countries, including via subsidiaries located in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Mirka Asia Pacific

Mirka Asia Pacific is the regional office of Mirka Ltd overseeing the Asia Pacific region including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and South East Asia. In addition to offering revolutionary dust free sanding systems, the highly specialised technical team also offers reliable technical support for the various industries in the region including Automotive Refinish, Marine, Aerospace, Wood, Metal industry and the Decorative, Paint and Trade.