Mirka® Galaxy

Mirka® Galaxy is a new kind of high technology abrasive. It combines effectiveness with long use life, thanks to a new kind of self-sharpening ceramic grain, a clogging resistant coating and the new Multifit™ hole configuration.

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First smart sander for industrial robots

With the new Mirka® AIROS, you get total control and an automated sanding process with consistent quality. It is the first smart electric sander for robotic sanding applications. 

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Hiolit JPA1A0

Introducing non stretch, snug fit

cloth abrasive for belt sanding

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Heavy cutting power – high gloss finish.

The new Polarshine 45 is a coarse and fast cutting polishing compound that helps you polish in less time. It still achieves a perfect deep gloss finish. 

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Flexible, yet firm. New Novastar Flex.

Tackle complex contours quickly with the new ultra-flexible hand sanding sheets from Mirka. Novastar Flex achieves the perfect balance between cutting and scratch pattern for a great finish.

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New cordless solution

Spot repairs and finessing of small details have never been easier since we introduced the cordless sanders Mirka® AROS-B and Mirka® AOS-B. Now we are improving the process, with the new cordless polishers Mirka® AROP-B and Mirka® ARP-B and also introducing the new Novastar® SR high precision abrasive. 

Mirka Cordless. Where convenience meets control.

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Mirka® DEOS Delta

The new Mirka® DEOS Delta makes sanding corners faster and easier than ever before. It has all the great features that our power tools are known for, including, easy-to-use, great ergonomics, low weight and low profile.

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Mirka® DEROS 77mm

The award-winning Mirka® DEROS is not just one sander, it's a family. The latest member, Mirka® DEROS 325/350CV, is a real problem solver and it has all of the great features of the DEROS including lightweight, low profile, and low vibrations. 

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Iridium. Move up a gear.

Our new paper abrasive Mirka Iridium® is produced with cutting edge technology and perfected for speed and efficiency.

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Novastar™ - Surpass your expectations.

Our new tough film abrasive Mirka Novastar tackles demanding surfaces with unexpected ease. The remarkable cut of Novastar in coarse grits and outstanding surface finish of finer grits gets the job done faster. 

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Latest News

Latest News

Introducing Hiolit JPA1A0

Introducing non stretch, snug fit cloth abrasive for belt sanding.

The new Mirka DEOS Delta corner sander helps you reach into corners-

New Mirka DEOS and Mirka DEROS sanders

Today Mirka expands its successful range of electric sanders. The new delta sander Mirka® DEOS 663 CV is ideal for corners. The small Mirka DEROS 77 mm is perfected for small repairs.

New cordless solution puts you in the driver’s seat

Mirka expands its successful range of cordless tools with the aim to change the finessing process in automotive manufacturing. Today we’re launching not only the new cordless polishers Mirka® AROP-B and Mirka® ARP-B as well as a new Novastar® SR high precision spot repair abrasive, but introducing a complete cordless solution.

Fast and flexible hand sanding with WPF Next Gen

The new WPF Next Gen is a paper abrasive for both wet and dry hand sanding. WPF Next Gen is easy to use and works well for both wet and dry applications on multiple surfaces.

Mirka in brief

Mirka today

Mirka is a family-owned Finnish company and a part of the KWH Group.

We have a long-standing tradition and passion for perfect surfaces. Thanks to this genuine interest and focus, Mirka has become a world leader in abrasives technology and innovation.

We are the only company that develops and produces abrasives, tools and polishing compounds under the same roof. This allows us to offer a complete solution and optimise the whole sanding process.

Mirka Dust Free concept

Our dust-free concepts

We are the pioneers in dust-free solutions. For more than 20 years we have continuously developed dust-free concepts, products and we have set a new industry standard. Mirka has converted the sanding business from dry sanding to dust-free sanding, which saves time, money and the environment. Dust-free sanding has significantly improved health and safety aspects for our customers.

Dust-free properties are always taken into consideration also when it comes to developing new tools. Our electric tools are powerful, quiet and have low vibration levels. They are also the smallest and lightest on the market thanks to the use of brushless technology.