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磨卡期待与您共同努力,迈向成功!Would You like to be a part of our success story?

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Success driven by people.

Our personnel plays a central role in all of our activities. High motivation, proficiency and satisfaction are the preconditions for the future, therefore we continuously support and train our personnel.



Goal setting
Our company activities are characterised as a goal driven leading strategy. We have clear goals and work together towards developing a strategy that will ensure our visions of the future turn into reality.



The proficiency of our personnel is one of the most important factors in our activities. Already during recruiting, we make sure we find candidates with good professional qualifications who are willing to develop together with us. We offer our employees many opportunities to expand their knowledge and professional skills, in return we expect them to help us to achieve our common goals.

Innovation and creativity
Our creative team have laid the foundations to Mirka's distinguished atmosphere of innovation. We strive towards providing our company with an open and unprejudiced atmosphere, in order to find new and unconventional solutions. We are serious about new ideas and know that even the smallest thought or idea can become the next big success.

Openness and ability to influence
We are continuously striving towards maintaining our unique atmosphere of open dialogue and information exchange at every level of our company activities. We believe that having a mutual respect for the opinions of others is an important factor in achieving this. We provide all our employees with all the necessary information as well as listen to their opinions and requests. Our employees have a good opportunity to affect their working environment, since they actively participate in Mirka activities.

Good solidarity within a pleasant and safe working environment
Mirka endeavours towards supporting its employees; we believe that good solidarity and a pleasant atmosphere are important. We also stress that we maintain a good work output and a safe working environment, where a well-planned work safety policy and active accident prevention are a part of the daily work.