Mirka AROS-B 150NV 32mm 10.8V 2.0 Ah Orbit 5.0

Código Mirka: 8991150311
Replaced by 8991150312 Mirka® AROS-B 150NV 32mm 10.8V 2.5Ah Orbit 5.0. Please note that this model has been DISCONTINUED. Spare parts available until 2029. The spot repair random orbital sander Mirka® AROS-B 150NV is small, ergonomic and energy efficient. Ideal for professionals who appreciate the freedom of movement and low maintenance of a cordless sander. The 10.8V 2.0 Ah Li-ion battery lasts up to 16 hours in industrial use and charges in 45 minutes – with two batteries, there is no downtime. Mirka AROS- B has a brushless motor and a random 5 mm orbit. Delivered with two backing pads, a charger and an extra battery.


Especificacões Técnicas

Velocidade (rpm) 4000-8000
Órbita (mm) 5
Tamanho do Suporte (in) 1.25
Tamanho do Suporte (mm) 32
Peso (kg) 0.56
Battery Voltage (VDC) 10,8
Battery Capacity (Ah) 2,0
Nível de Ruído, LpA (dB) 62
Nível de Vibração 1.9
Embalagem Caixa de Papelão
Diameter (mm) 32
Model name Mirka AROS-B 150NV
Exaustão de pó
Battery and charger included
Product class Cordless tool
Suporte (Código Mirka) 8294596311, 8294598311


Backing Pad Quick Lock 32mm Grip Soft, 10/Pack Código Mirka:   8294598311
Backing Pad Quick Lock 32mm PSA Hard, 10/Pack Código Mirka:   8294595311
Battery Charger BCA 108 max 12V w/o power cord Código Mirka:   8991123011
Power Cord 2.0m for Battery Charger BCA 108 EU Código Mirka:   8991112211