Product Group:  340
Gold NC has been developed for sanding of material that must not be contaminated with corrosive agents. The preparation of corrosion sensitive surfaces requires abrasive products which contain the lowest possible amount of heavy metals. Special procedures are applied throughout the production process of Gold NC to reduce the metal content. The tough, latex-coated base paper makes Gold NC a balanced, flexible product with good initial aggressivity and good durability. Gold NC has a surface layer of calcium stearate that provides good clogging resistance when sanding aluminium and when sanding other materials with high clogging tendency. Gold NC is suitable for sanding of aluminium and painted aluminium parts within the automotive industry.


Available As


Technical Specifications

Grain Aluminium oxide
Color Gold
Backing D-paper/C-paper
Bonding Resin over resin
Grit range P80-P600
Coating Open

Suited For

Vehicles Manufacturing

Suitable Materials

Paint stripping / removal
Body filler