Product Group:  EAC
This polishing film product is designed for the surface finishing industrial rollers, automotive powertrain components, and other objects requiring a precision surface. MI231C is manufactured to the highest standard using the most technically advanced materials and processes; and is a consistently high-quality, high-precision product. MI231C has a semi-open distribution of ceramic-coated aluminium oxide grains. This polishing film can be used for both wet or dry applications. Available on a 5 mil anti-slip backing.


Technical Specifications

Grain Aluminium oxide with ceramic coating
Color Red
Backing 5 MIL Polyester film
Bonding Low VOC resin system
Grit range 15µ (P1200), 20µ (P800) ), 30µ (P500), 40µ (P360), 50µ (P280), 60µ (P220), 80µ (P180)
Coating Semi-open

Suited For

Industrial Roller Conditioning