Product Group:  EAC
This micro–finishing film product is designed for the surface finishing of industrial rollers. MI231C is manufactured to the highest standard using the most technically advanced materials and processes, capable of producing a consistently high quality film product. MI231C has a semi-open grain distribution. Application can be wet with lubricants or dry. Available on a 5 MIL antislip backing.


Technical Specifications

Grain Aluminium oxide with ceramic coating
Color Red
Backing 5 MIL Polyester film
Bonding Low VOC resin system
Grit range 15µ (P1200), 20µ (P800) ), 30µ (P500), 40µ (P360), 50µ (P280), 60µ (P220), 80µ (P180)
Coating Semi-open

Suited For

Industrial Roller Conditioning