Product Group:  DMD
This slurry-coated diamond film product is designed for very hard surfaces such as carbide, ceramics, composites and hardened metals. MI241D is manufactured with precisely graded diamonds producing a consistently high quality film product, and has a smooth and strong polyester film backing to provide a consistent surface finish. Available in a 5 MIL film in grit 60µ and in a 3 MIL film in grits 45µ, 30µ, 15µ, 9µ and 3µ. The grits are colour-coded.


Technical Specifications

Grain Diamond
Color Colour coded grits
Backing Polyester film
Bonding Resin bonded
Grit range 60µ (champagne), 45µ (copper), 30µ (lime-green), 15µ (sandstone), 9µ (royal blue) and3µ (coral)
Coating Slurry

Suited For

Industrial Roller Conditioning

Suitable Materials

Titanium carbide
Wolfram carbide