Mirka Dust Extractor 1025 L PC EU 230V

MirkaCode: 8999000111
Dust extractor 1025 L is a compact but still high performing L-class dust extractor, with proven performance for user protection and easy to move around. The container size is 25l and the dust extractor is equipped with a carrying handle. The 5m cord is also an optimal length for a compact dust extractor. The Push&Clean filter cleaning system enables a longer life time and better suction. This dust extractor is equipped with an AutoStart function that saves time and electricity for the user. Mirka® Dust Extractor 1025 L is suitable for both dry and wet applications (remove the dust bag before wet use and clean filter before and after wet use). This Mirka® Dust Extractor 1025 is designed for usage with Mirka® PowerTools, but do not have an antistatic feature. If antistatic ability is needed we recommend to use Mirka® Dust Extractor 1230 or 1242.


Technical Specifications

Power input (W) 1000
Voltage main supply (VAC) 220-240
Weight (kg) 8
Noise Level, LpA (dB) 64
Filter cleaning system Push & Clean
Dust class L
Dimension LxWxH (mm) 375 x 395 x 530
Mains frequency (Hz) 50/60
Volume flow air (l/min) 3600
Model name Mirka Dust Extractor 1025
Vacuum (mbar) 210
Product class Dust extractor
Tank volume (l) 25