Product Group:  2WN
WGN is an all-round non-branded abrasive produced by Mirka® to be used on lacquers and paints as well as on wood and fillers. The tough, latex coated base paper makes WGN a balanced, flexible product with good initial aggressivity and good durability. The full resin bonding and the even, semi-open special treated aluminium oxide grain coating provide a constant stock removal resulting in an excellent surface finish. The special surface structure guarantees good clogging resistance also when sanding materials with higher clogging tendency.


Available As


Technical Specifications

Bonding Resin over resin
Backing D-paper/C-paper
Coating Semi-open
Grain Aluminium oxide
Grit range P80-P600

Suited For

Automotive Refinishing
Wood Processing
Vehicles Manufacturing

Suitable Materials

Hard wood
Paint stripping / removal
Paint sanding
Plaster / Putty
Body filler
Soft / Resinous wood