Mirka® DEOS Delta

The new Mirka® DEOS Delta makes sanding corners faster and easier than ever before. It has all the great features that our power tools are known for, including, easy-to-use, great ergonomics, low weight and low profile.

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Mirka® LEROS

The lightest brushless electric wall and ceiling sander. This unique tool has features like no other comparable sander on the market.

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Mirka® DEOS

Mirka® DEOS gets closer to the surface, easily accessing hard to reach areas and delivers a flawless smooth finish.

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Mirka® Roundy

The Mirka® Roundy is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of the hand and is suitable for multiple operations from paint stripping to lacquer & paint sanding.

This versatile and practical sanding block can be used with Abranet® 150 mm abrasive discs and dust extractor for dust-free sanding.

Mirka® DEROS

Plugs into an ordinary power outlet to deliver extraordinary performance. The first ever electric sanding machine with a brushless motor and no external power supply, it is also the lightest electric machine on the market.

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Mirka Australia

Building, Painting, Decorating and DIY

Building, Painting, Decorating and DIY

Mirka is enjoying a growing popularity in the building industry where dust can be a major workplace concern. 

Mirka offers easy-to-use, high quality tools complemented with dust-free net sanding materials for a cleaner and healthier work environment. A dust-free environment is a major factor in achieving high quality and cleanliness. Jobs, such as sanding interior walls and ceilings become so much easier and cleaner with Mirka’s wide and unique range of dust-free products and solutions for coarse, intermediate and fine sanding applications. 

The total Mirka solution provides a more efficient sanding process compared to traditional sanding systems. A faster process requires less consumables and provides a healthier work environment.

Mirka Deos plaster application

Dust-free sanding with Mirka net technology

Mirka’s net sanding system enables much faster and cleaner sanding by producing a minuscule amount of dust compared to conventional dry sanding technology with extraction.

Mirka offers a cleaver solution to the dust problem: Abranet. Abranet combines high performance and a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives, making it a cost effective solution in a vast range of applications. It is user-friendly when being used by machine or by hand and its true dust-free sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment, as well as a better surface finish.

Mirka offers a wide selection of tools and accessories for dust-free sanding. The range consists of hand and electric sanders designed to provide dust-free sanding when used together with Mirka’s Net Sanding products. Dust-free sanding with Net Sanding products requires a well-functioning central dust extraction system or a separate industrial bagged vacuum cleaner. Mirka dust-free systems ensure that the dust ends up in the dust extractor and not in your lungs.

Short about Mirka

Mirka today

Mirka is a family-owned Finnish company and a part of the KWH Group.

We have a long-standing tradition and passion for perfect surfaces. Thanks to this genuine interest and focus, Mirka has become a world leader in abrasives technology and innovation.

We are the only company that develops and produces abrasives, tools and polishing compounds under the same roof. This is in order to offer a complete solution and optimise the whole sanding process.

Mirka Dust Free concept

Our dust-free concepts

We are the pioneers in dust-free solutions. For more than 15 years we have continuously developed dust-free concepts, products and we have set a new industry standard. Mirka has converted the sanding business from dry sanding to dust-free sanding, which saves time, money and the environment. Dust-free sanding has significantly improved health and safety aspects for our customers.

Dust-free properties are always taken into consideration also when it comes to developing new tools. Our electric tools are powerful, quiet and have low vibration levels. They are also the smallest and lightest on the market thanks to the use of brushless technology.