Mirka Ultimax® Ligno: New Abrasive for Wood

The new Ultimax® Ligno is tailored for wood sanding applications.
It combines a fast cut with long life, thanks to especially good resistance to clogging when sanding substrates.

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Mirka® Dust Extractors

A Mirka dust extractor is an essential part of Mirka’s dust-free solution. Using Mirka’s dust-free sanding means dust is safely deposited in the dust extractor instead of the workspace air, reducing occupational risks for the operator.

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Mirka® PRO Finishing Solution

Mirka offers a simple, fast, and reliable system for a high-quality surface finish, the Mirka PRO Finishing solution. 

Mirka® PRO Finishing combines spot sanding and polishing to give you a pro-level result with a perfect glossy finish.

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New: Mirka® Long File Boards

Speed up and clean up the sanding process in marine production.
Mirka's special Long File Boards are available in lengths to suit one or two operators, combining easy and fast hand sanding with dust extraction.

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Personal Protection

Select from a wide range of Mirka Essentials for Personal Protection, to make sanding, painting, polishing or assembly work safer and less straining for you.

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Mirka® Modular Trolley

With the new Mirka Modular Trolley, you can keep the working area organized and clean. With six different configurations to start from, it is easy to accessorize the tool trolley to suit your workshop and line of work.

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New Mirka® ANGOS Cordless Grinder

The new Mirka® ANGOS ARG-B 200 battery powered grinding tool brings cordless convenience to new areas of working.

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New Mirka® DEOS 343

New small Mirka DEOS sander for smooth sanding of windows, doors and frames

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Mirka® Galaxy

Mirka® Galaxy is a new kind of high technology abrasive. It combines effectiveness with long use life, thanks to a new kind of self-sharpening ceramic grain, a clogging resistant coating and the new Multifit hole configuration.

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Mirka Iridium® SR

The new Mirka Iridium® SR: ideal for the finest finishing stages of automotive refinishing and collision repair as well as vehicle manufacturing. Featuring new three-dimensional technology, its triangular grains form new edges whenever they break down, prolonging the life of the Iridium SR.

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Dust-Free sanding solutions

Explore the multiple benefits of our pioneering dust-free sanding solutions and see how a healthy working environment, improved efficiency and a high-quality finish improve your business. 

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20 years of dust-free sanding

For two decades, Mirka has been at the forefront of dust-free sanding, thanks to an invention that revolutionized workplaces all around the world. 

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Less mess, less stress

Dustless sanding is the best choice for making your workplace more efficient. A dust-free environment reduces time to completion. Then, you can focus on what is essential: spending more time on the refinishing itself. 

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Dust-free: good for your staff, great for your business

Employees are your company's most important assets. Mirka's dust-free sanding solutions reduce exposure to harmful sanding dust. The benefits of dust-free sanding aren't just improved health and reduced risks, but also improved bottom-line results.

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Expanding the range of robotic solutions

Mirka is introducing new products for automation. The previously introduced Mirka® AIROS, the first smart electric sander designed for robotic sanding applications, is joined by new models, including the rectangular Mirka® AIOS sander and the Mirka® AIROP random orbital polisher.

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New Mirka® LEROS-S

Mirka is introducing a sibling to the successful LEROS sander.

The new Mirka® LEROS-S comes in a new shorter length, specially sized for reaching closer. It features two dedicated grip points for full control, and like the bigger version, it's dust-free.

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Automotive Refinishing

Mirka is consistently providing new innovative solutions and cutting-edge products for automotive refinishing and collision repair. Improvements in efficiency, productivity and a cleaner working environment has seen Mirka become one of the world’s most trusted brands in the business.

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Wood Industry

Choose Mirka’s unique wood sanding solutions for a brilliant surface finishing result. Learn more by following our step by step sanding and polishing guides.

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Precision Industries

Our solutions take their starting point from our customers’ challenges. Through continuous improvement and a dedicated focus  on our customers’ needs we continue reshaping the industry with our expertise and innovative solutions.

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Abrasives, Polish and Tools

Mirka's wide range of high quality abrasives, polishing products and innovatively designed tools deliver real benefits in terms of speed, first-class efficiency, surface finish quality and cost effectiveness, even when tackling the most demanding applications.

About Mirka

Mirka is a world leader in abrasives technology innovation, offering a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, innovatively designed tools, supplementary products and complete sanding systems.

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Latest News

Mirka Ultimax® Ligno: an all-new Mirka abrasive for woodworking

The new Ultimax® Ligno is tailored for wood sanding applications. It combines a fast cut with long life, thanks to especially good resistance to clogging when sanding substrates.

Mirka PRO Finishing system: an easy and fast solution for spot repair

The Mirka® PRO Finishing solution is a system, which is aimed towards OEM and Automotive manufacturers, that combines spot sanding and polishing to give you that pro-level result.

Mirka® Long File Boards for effective sanding of hulls

From Mirka, a new innovation for marine production: the Mirka Long File Boards for sanding hulls.  The special long file boards are available in lengths to suit one or two operators, combining easy and fast hand sanding with dust extraction.

Protective gear now part of Mirka® Essentials

Personal protection is one of the most important aspects of professional body shop work, and for that reason Mirka is expanding the range of Mirka Essentials products to include protective gear.

Mirka in brief

Mirka today

Mirka is a family-owned Finnish company and a part of the KWH Group.

We have a long-standing tradition and passion for perfect surfaces. Thanks to this genuine interest and focus, Mirka has become a world leader in abrasives technology and innovation.

We are the only company that develops and produces abrasives, tools and polishing compounds under the same roof. This allows us to offer a complete solution and optimise the whole sanding process.

Mirka Dust Free concept

Our dust-free concepts

We are the pioneers in dust-free solutions. For more than 20 years we have continuously developed dust-free concepts, products and we have set a new industry standard. Mirka has converted the sanding business from dry sanding to dust-free sanding, which saves time, money and the environment. Dust-free sanding has significantly improved health and safety aspects for our customers.

Dust-free properties are always taken into consideration also when it comes to developing new tools. Our electric tools are powerful, quiet and have low vibration levels. They are also the smallest and lightest on the market thanks to the use of brushless technology.