Novastar - Mirka's new film abrasive.
The hand sanding abrasive Mirka Novastar Flex is ultra-flexible.
The Mirka Novastar SR abrasive is perfect for spot repairs.

Mirka Novastar® - Surpass your expectations.

Novastar tackles demanding surfaces with unexpected ease. The remarkable cut of Novastar in coarse grits and outstanding surface finish of finer grits gets the job done faster in fewer steps. This tough premium film abrasive is made to last and keeps you sanding longer. The new precision coating practically repels dust, so there is no clogging.
Novastar is ideal for hard surfaces where robust abrasives are needed. Dust extraction is efficient and convenient with Mirka’s new multihole pattern.

When sanding feels like a challenge, let Novastar surpass your expectations.

The sample pack consists of 150mm discs in grits 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 500. Take on the challenge!


Flexible, yet firm. New Novastar Flex.​

The new hand sanding abrasive Novastar Flex lets you tackle all kinds of shapes and complex contours. ​

​Why Novastar Flex?​

Ultra-flexible ​
→ No breakages, wrinkles or sharp edges on the surface of the abrasive, even when folded​

Superior finish​
→ A perfect balance in cutting and scratch pattern​

→ Colour coded grits and the grip backing for easy use ​

Save time and money ​
→ Easy to clean from dust -> Last longer​

Product information: Mirka Novastar® Flex


The hand sanding abrasive Mirka Novastar Flex is ultra-flexible.

The new Novastar Flex has centre perforation for tearing in half. We provide hand pads to match both sizes, giving more even pressure for larger curved surfaces.  

New Novastar SR

We are now expanding the Novastar range, with the newest additions -  Novastar SR, 32mm for spot repairs. It shares the same benefits as all the other Novastar abrasives:


  • Excellent and stable initial cut
  • Durable and flexible
  • Long-lasting - thanks to new manufacturing technology
  • User-friendly – low loading and pilling thanks to optimized channel configuration

Product information: Novastar SR

For the best results, use the Novastar SR together with the Mirka® cordless sanders and polishers and Polarshine® polishing compounds.

Mirka's new abrasive Novastar tackles demanding surfaces with unexpected ease

Use Novastar for:
• Wood Processing • Composites Processing 
• Vehicle Manufacturing • Marine Industry 
• Automotive Refinishing

Key Features
• Efficient sanding with an aggressive initial cut for heavy duty applications in coarse grits
• The mix of grains is one-of-a-kind with a precision coating that practically repels dust
• Consistent scratch pattern provides the desired finish
• Premium film backing offers exceptional edgewear resistance, flexibility and grain adhesion
• Fully waterproof, can be used either wet or dry
• Remarkably flat and smooth surface finish on hard surfaces
• Effective multihole pattern delivers outstanding performance without clogging 

Take on the challenge. Experience the difference.

Put Novastar to the test

With Novastar we provide the perfect conditions for fast sanding result. It is made with state-of-the-art technology and will increase your efficiency and productivity. Novastar meets the industrial demands and its outstanding performance makes it the ideal film abrasive choice for professionals in any industry. 



Mirka's new abrasive Novastar tackles demanding surfaces with unexpected ease

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