Vehicle Manufacturing

The business area OEM consists of automobile manufacturers and direct suppliers to the vehicle manufacturing industry. Mirka’s high performance abrasives and systems are ideally suited to the OEM-industry. Major vehicle, TIER1, airplane and train manufacturers around the globe use Mirka products and solutions to optimize their sanding processes for a perfect surface finishing. Mirka is also developing and delivering high technology micro finishing unique products and innovative solutions for ultraprecise surfaces to the motor engine, roller conditioning and electronic industries.

Learn more about Mirka's sanding process of stainless steel and epoxy coating and Mirka's polishing process of acrylic paint.

Mirka's finessing solution

Polarstar SR is the perfect finessing material for the correction of small painting defects and the removal of dust particles in topcoats and clearcoats. The discs are used in wet applications, by machine or by hand.

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