Mirka’s sanding and polishing tools portfolio consists of electric and pneumatic sanders, robotic sanders, polishing machines, dust extractors, equipment, and tools for sanding walls and ceilings. Our power tools are backed by a complete range of spare parts, backing pads and other accessories to help you get the most from Mirka’s sanding solution.

Mirka has sanders and polishers for surface finishing.

Efficient, easy-to-use and ergonomic tools

Our power tools and complete sanding solutions improve your work process and saves you both time and money.

Mirka provides:
- Easy to connect tools
- A dust-free and a cleaner environment
- Better ergonomics 
- Less vibrations
- Less noise
- Better and stable surface quality
- Faster results
- Technical support
- Better & faster service

Award-winning tools

Ergonomics and great design have always been important for us. We have received several design awards for many of our power tools.

World Tool Awards
In 2021, four of our power tools won the "World Tool Award". The winners are:
Mirka® AOS-B, Mirka® ARP-B
, Mirka® DEOS, and Mirka® DEROS.
Learn more: The jury appreciated their functionality, quality, ergonomics, and innovation.

Red Dot Awards
Mirka® LEROS received the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award 2018 for groundbreaking design 2018
Red Dot Design Award 2017 to Mirka AOS-B Cordless Sander
Mirka® DEROS - winner of the Red dot industrial design award 2014

It takes a motivated team of engineers to come up with great tools.

Mirka Automation for robotic sanding

With Mirka’s state-of-the-art automated sanding solution, designers, engineers and product managers can be sure that their vision is fulfilled, and the end result reflects their high standards. Mirka manufactures robotic sanding heads that are designed by dedicated surface finishing professionals. They are easy to integrate, to suit the requirements of different manufacturing industries. 

An automated sanding solution from Mirka consists of sanding heads, controller unit, abrasives and disc changing unit. The sanding head is separate from the controller unit, so parts are easy to replace, thus reducing downtime and costs.

Read more about Mirka Automation

Mirka Power Tools – Leading the way

In 2009 we launched the first brushless electric sander Mirka CEROS. In 2012 Mirka® DEROS hit the market.  It's the first sanding tool with Bluetooth® connectivity and an integrated vibration sensor. Awarded several times for our innovative tool design, most of our electric sanding tools are also the smallest and lightest on the market.

For more than 15 years Mirka has been a forerunner in developing dust-free sanding solutions. When Mirka invented dust-free sanding with Abranet, it truly revolutionised sanding. Our net abrasives continuously improve working conditions, health and safety issues have always been at the forefront of our development work. Mirka Automation brings Mirka solutions to the world of robotic sanding.

Today we offer a complete dust-free sanding solution with intelligent tools. All of our advanced sanders are designed, developed and manufactured in Finland.

Easy warranty registration - 2+1 years

All Mirka power tools have a standard two-year warranty. Get an additional 1 year of warranty by registering your tool within 30 days of purchase.  To make the registration process as easy as possible, you can do it via the myMirka app or through our web service. Download the myMirka app and register now!

After Sales: Repair Service

We hope you love your new Mirka power tool! To get the most out of your tool, support is available for your tool throughout its lifetime.  Mirka offers repair and maintenance through 150 authorized service centres around the world - You can be sure of that your tool is in good hands. 


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Mirka People Power Tools


Consistent high quality is the key to customer satisfaction – a happy customer means a professional body shop has done its job well. Mika Rönnqvist from MH-Color in Finland trusts Mirka products to reach the best possible finish. 

"The finish is our business card"

Tired of feeling like a snowman when the working day is over? Try Mirka’s dust-free sanding solutions together with Mirka® LEROS and save both time and money! Sarah from Paint Pot Ladies tells us more.

"Less cleaning time means better customer satisfaction"

True dedication is something that is hard to define as it means different things for different people. For Enzo Vizzone of Salvi Harps, it means creating uniquely finished instruments and helping the beautiful harp music travel around the world.

”For us, the finishing process is the most important one”