Mirka® PBS Pneumatic Belt Sander

The Mirka Pneumatic Belt Sander is the optimal tool for grinding welding spots and seams in vehicle or marine manufacturing and body repair and for removing paint and preparing surfaces in body shop work and collision repair. It works especially well together with Mirka’s new line of file belts.

Designed for comfort

The Mirka PBS 10NV and Mirka PBS 13NV have been designed with the user in mind, focusing on ergonomics and usability. The tool is smooth and quiet to use, comfortable to hold with a handy rubber grip, and its grinding speed is easy to set with a top-mounted selector.

Thanks to the tension mechanism,  the belt is easy to change in a matter of seconds, and the arm angle of the tool is quickly adjusted with a key that is stored in the handle for whenever it is needed.


  • Easy to change the belts
  • Easy to set the speed
  • Easy to adjust angle
  • Low noise level
  • Integrated tool in the handle.
  • Comfortable to hold with rubber coated handle

File Belts

Mirka's line of narrow belts are to be used with the Mirka PBS 10NV and PBS 13NV.

The ZIR file belts are ideal for stainless metal sanding applications for automotive refinishing and metal processing. The Zirconia grains provide a high removal rate, a good surface finish and a long life time for the abrasive.

The CER file belt is named after ceramic grains and coloured dark red. CER is ideal for tough sanding applications, especially suited for automotive refinishing and metal processing. The self-sharpening Ceramic grains provide a high removal rate at low and medium pressure, along with a long life time and good surface finish.

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Surface Conditioning Belts

Mirka's non-woven and flexible conditioning belts are robust and highly adaptive, and they leave an especially good surface finish for the next step.

Not only do the conditioning belts work at a lower surface temperature than traditional file belts, but they also leave a satin finish which is free from irregular scratches, making the next step easier for the operator. The sanding process produces no sparks, which is an important factor in many applications.


Conditioning Belts