Precision Industries Reshaping the Industry

In the field of precision manufacturing, through solutions for grinding and polishing, Mirka offers abrasives and solutions for challenging conditions.

Whether your work is in aerospace or automotive industries, manufacturing industrial rollers or powertrain components, tooling or consumer electronics, microfinishing or sanding transparent materials, we have the best products and solutions for you.

Precision Grinding

The daily grind: better, faster, more cost-effective

Mirka® Cafro vitrified CBN superabrasive wheels are the right choice to make your grinding operations more efficient. See the benefits of faster grinding times, improved wheel life, increased dressing intervals, and superior thermal control reflected in a reduced cost per component.

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Powertrain Polishing

Repeatable performance - Reliable partner

Mirka’s abrasive films are what you need to achieve consistent functional surface values in your superfinishing or polishing operation. Featuring an anti-slip dot pattern on the back, we offer two different film products to help you easily select the right product for your specific polishing needs.

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Round tool manufacturing

Production of endmills, drills and other tools

Mirka® Cafro grinding wheels provide the cutting power, wheel life, precision, and thermal control you need to manufacture precision tungsten carbide round tooling; endmills, drills, reamers, routers, taps, and more.

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Saw grinding and resharpening

Production and sharpening of circular and band saw blades

Whether for the topping and facing of circular saw blades, the profiling of band saw blades, or for side grinding operations, Mirka® Cafro wheels are the right choice for steel, Stellite, and tungsten carbide grinding saw grinding and sharpening.

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Silver• Gold•• Platinum•••

Find your ideal superabrasive

With our new Silver• Gold•• Platinum••• range, we aim to guide our customers in selecting the best product for their specific need. We want to make the selection process easy depending on what the customer wants to achieve. Our performance-based designation system allows for an easy selection process and helps you to find the ideal Mirka® Cafro superabrasive for your operation and machine.

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