Head Office

Mirka Ltd.
Pensalavägen 210
FI-66850 Jeppo
Tel. +358 (0)20 760 2111
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VAT number: FI07217894


Stefan Sjöberg
President & CEO
Mats Sundell
R&D Director and Deputy Chief Executive
Olav Hellman
Chief Financial Officer
Jan Torrkulla
Production Director

Simon Bloxham
Vice President Sales, Surface Finishing
Theo Sakalis
Vice President Sales, Precision Industries
Nina Nyman
Marketing Director
Joachim Rännar
Operations Director
Surface Finishing

Simon Bloxham
Vice President Sales
Sigurgísli Melberg Pálsson
General Manager, Sales Business Sectors
Sanna Repo
General Manager, Channel Development
Sanna Backholm
Product Owner, eCommerce
Ulf-Peter Åstrand
Technical Manager
Kristian Johansson
Product Manager, CD & Wood

Ardi Ilter
Sector Manager, Wood
Evald Lassus
Sector Manager, Transport
Janne Lillkvist
Sector Manager, Construction and Decoration
Nicklas Lerstrand
Product Manager
Precision Industries

Theo Sakalis
Vice President Sales
Mårten Eriksson
Sector Manager

Giovanni Mancina
Sales Manager

Nina Nyman
Marketing Director
Hanna Alavillamo
Marketing Communications Manager
Mareike Lindgens
Product Marketing Manager, Regional Marketing Manager, South East Central and Northern Europe
Matias Sandås
Program Manager
Simo Suoranta
Marketing Automation Manager
Out of office
Heidi Heino, Marketing Communications Manager

Marie-Hélène Caseau
Regional Marketing Manager, South West Europe, Turkey and Middle East
Minna Nyman
Regional Marketing Manager, Finland and Exports
Dorine Tan
Regional Marketing Manager, South East Asia and South America
Portfolio Management

Christian Hultholm
General Manager, Portfolio Management
Mats Bystedt
Portfolio Manager, Powertools
Anders Karlström
Portfolio Manager, Abrasives

John Reinlund
Portfolio Manager, Services
Kim Rönnholm
Portfolio Manager post paint and accessories

Joachim Rännar
Operations Director
Stig-Johan Back
Group Purchasing Manager
Niklas Storbacka
Operational Excellence Manager

Anders Söderlund
Supply Chain Manager
Johan Vestlin
Forwarding Manager

Olav Hellman
Chief Financial Officer
Andreas Envik
Business Controller
Mikael Håkans
General Manager, ICT

Ulla Kauppi
HR Manager
Mikael Vikström
Operational Controller
Sales, Finland and Exports

Ted Saari
Regional Sales Manager

Kari Myllylä
Sales Manager, Finland
Sales, South East Central and Northern Europe

Paolo Benvenuto
Regional Sales Manager, Managing Director, Italy
Craig Daycock
Managing Director, UK & Ireland

Thomas Marniok
Managing Director, Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Dan Pettersson
Managing Director, Scandinavia
Sales, South West Europe, Turkey and Middle East

Nicolas Couty
Regional Sales Manager, Managing Director, France
Jose Maria Sanchez
Managing Director, Spain and Portugal

Ali Seherler
Managing Director, Turkey
Benny Mathew
Managing Director, Middle East
Sales, North & Central America

Kaj Brandt
Regional Sales Manager North and Central America, President of Mirka USA
George Varagic
Managing Director, Canada

Adonai Garcia
Managing Director, Mexico
Sales, South East Asia and South America

Vinay Mathur
Regional Sales Manager, Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Robertson Cardoso
Managing Director, Brasil
Sales, Russia, India and China

Denis Azarenkov
Managing Director, Russia
Manoj Soni
Managing Director, India

Ted Saari
Managing Director, China and Hong Kong