Aquastar® Soft - The latest member of Mirka’s Star generation family


Aquastar Soft possesses a unique coating pattern and these properties together with the strong film backing in combination with the foam give super flexibility and an excellent touch to the sanding operation. The Aquastar Soft flexible pad follows contours, shapes and edges giving full control over the process.

Aquastar Soft is a member of Mirka’s Star generation family. Aquastar Wet & Dry sheets were the first products in this range of innovative, patented, flexible film abrasives. Aquastar is the ultimate and user-friendly choice for hand sanding applications.

Aquastar Soft comes in precut hand pads and is available from grit P400 – P2000. The coarser grits, P400 – P800, come in red colour and the finer grits, P1000 – P2000, are white. Aquastar Soft can be used both wet and dry on a variety of applications.


  • The innovative backing consists of film on foam
  • The innovative abrasive pattern enables the easy cleaning of dust thanks to the special channels
  • No sharp edges when folded
  • Ready to use thanks to the foam backing – no need to apply an additional foam support

Aquastar Soft applications on Youtube: Clear Coat Sanding  and Primer Sanding

Techical specifications

Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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