Polarshine® 12 Black - Deeper gloss for darker surfaces


Mirka is introducing a new product for its Polarshine® range of polishing compounds.

The Polarshine 12 Black is specifically designed to provide deep gloss on darker surfaces.

The Polarshine 12 is a water borne, silicone free polishing compound designed to quickly and permanently remove sanding scratches from P2000 and finer, leaving a high gloss hologram free finish. Polarshine 12 Black adds the capability to perform specifically on dark surfaces, such as dark gelcoats or more specifically carbon fibre, preventing any milky white sheen that using a lighter coloured compound might cause. Polarshine 12 Black is suited for marine and vehicle applications alike.

“Not only is the Polarshine 12 Black on its own when polishing dark gelcoat or carbon fibre, it also works a treat on the clearcoat of older vehicles, for example”, says Kim Rönnholm, Portfolio Manager for post paint and accessories. “For achieving a deep, hologram free gloss on a black car, the Polarshine 12 Black is the way to go.”

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