Improved material removal with new hybrid bond


With Mirka’s new Cafro HP Hybrid Bond grinding wheels, producers of advanced drills and end mills can look forward to better material removal and time savings. “We can see that our solution allows for depths of cut and material removal capacity that cannot be reached with wheels that use standard resin or hybrid bonds”, explains Business Manager Mårten Eriksson.

After intensive internal product development, the HP Hybrid Bond diamond and CBN wheels have now been tested by several customers and the tests show good results.

“The new product uses an enhanced kind of bond for the abrasive grains, that combines metal and resin bonding”, explains Mårten Eriksson. 

Shorter production time, lower power use
HP Hybrid Bond requires a good coolant pressure in order to avoid clogging and to reach its full potential. The wheel is particularly suitable for customers that produce medium-sized and big series of drills made of harder metals such as tungsten carbide. One customer that tested the new wheel could speed up its production 2.5 times, while at the same time lowering the amount of power needed to run the machine.

Offering peace of mind
CNC machines that produce drills are typically run automatically at nighttime.

“In addition to time and money savings, we can offer our customers peace of mind with this new solution. They can count on that the job gets done during the night while they are at home sleeping”, says Eriksson.

The development of the new HP Hybrid Bond wheel started after Mirka in 2017 acquired Cafro, a producer of superabrasives wheels and tools. By combining Cafro’s long experience of diamond wheels with Mirka’s chemical expertise, the company could come up with the new bond solution.


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