Mirka has reached an important milestone


Today, 31st August 2016, Mirka has reached an important milestone, as the factory in Jeppo is now completely independent of fossil fuel.


Today Mirka inaugurated its new heating plant, which has replaced heavy fuel oil with biogas. The energy company Adven has built and will be running the plant and the biogas will be delivered by Jeppo Biogas. Mirka in Jeppo will now be completely independent of fossil fuel; heat will be provided by the renewed heating plant and power by the bioenergy plant built three years ago.

Mirka’s bioenergy plant that was introduced in 2013 runs on a combination of production waste, other waste-derived fuel, and woodchips. The plant utilizes production waste from Mirka, reducing the need for non-renewable energy sources. Thanks to converting production waste to energy, Mirka has also been able to close its landfill site.

Mirka’s efforts to find sustainable solutions has produced results; we have decreased our yearly carbon dioxide emissions with six thousand tons. Mirka’s plants are already compliant with new Finnish regulations concerning power and heating plants that will be in effect from 2018.


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