Mirka PRO Finishing system: an easy and fast solution for spot repair


The Mirka® PRO Finishing solution is a system, which is aimed towards OEM and Automotive manufacturers, that combines spot sanding and polishing to give you that pro-level result.

The PRO Finishing solution consists of several Mirka products. Sanding the imperfections is done with our cordless spot repair sanders and Mirka Iridium® SR spot repair discs. The sanded area is then polished using Mirka cordless polishing machines and PRO polishing pads combined with the PRO Iridium™ 1250 polishing compound, the newest addition to Mirka’s polishing product line. The compound has been developed especially for the PRO Finishing solution.

Normally polishing when removing surface defects is a two-step process, where you use one compound to remove the scratch marks from the sanding. PRO Iridium™ 1250 is developed to give you the best of both worlds, meaning you only need to polish once, while still getting a perfect result.

Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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