New cordless solution puts you in the driver’s seat


Mirka expands its successful range of cordless tools with the aim to change the finessing process in automotive manufacturing. Today we’re launching not only the new cordless polishers Mirka® AROP-B and Mirka® ARP-B as well as a new Novastar® SR high precision spot repair abrasive, but introducing a complete cordless solution.

Mats Bystedt, Portfolio manager at Mirka tells us why this is such a game-changer for OEMs:

“With Mirka's new cordless finessing solution you get unmatched convenience and efficiency”.

As Bystedt explains, a common pain point at production lines is handling hoses or cables when moving around, “but the state-of-the-art cordless polishers by Mirka offer effortless polishing without limitations. You can move freely and get the job done faster”.

Cordless convenience

Mirka 77mm cordless polishers are light, ergonomic and optimized for spot repair and finessing. Mirka AROP-B is a random orbital polisher with 12 mm orbit, whereas Mirka ARP-B is a rotary polisher. Both are quiet, small and need very low maintenance thanks to the brushless motor. The tools use 2.5 Ah 10.8V Li-ion batteries, which are interchangeable with the batteries used for Mirka’s 32mm cordless sanders. 5Ah 10.8V Li-ion batteries are also available to buy separately.

Complete control thanks to myMirka

The cordless tools are equipped with variable speed triggers for easy control of the process by touch. Mirka’s cordless tools are top of the range models with Bluetooth connectivity, which gives additional options for digitally controlling the process via the myMirka® app. The latest features, RPM range management and auto-stop function (in-app purchases) are now available for both Mirka’s cordless sanders and the new cordless polishers. It’s never been easier to standardise your spot repair or finessing process.

“This at a fraction of the cost of a similar solution using a pneumatic system. And that is not even taking into account the energy you save by using cordless tools, which brings costs down even further”, Bystedt adds.

New star for spot repair

As Mirka’s cordless sanders now have more features, at the same time, Mirka also introduces a new high precision abrasive, Novastar SR. Part of the growing Novastar family, the 32 mm spot repair discs are available in 3 and 5 micron (µ), the optimal grits for paint corrections and removing dust nibs from top coats and clear coats. The durable and flexible abrasives are produced using advanced manufacturing technology with very precise grain distribution, which allows for an excellent finish.

Thanks to new and upgraded tools, as well as new abrasives, Mirka can offer a new complete system for the paint correction process – one that is more convenient and offers more control than ever before.

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