New Mirlon Total® discs for dust-free machine sanding


Fibre-based Mirlon Total abrasives from Mirka now support dust-free and machine sanding thanks to new disc sizes and a Net Interface.

The flexible and easy-to-use Mirlon Total product range is updated. With its three-dimensional, long-lasting Total Coating, it works perfectly for mattening and feathering out, and it has now become even handier.

“Mirlon Total is one of our true do-it-all products”, says Nicklas Lerstrand, Collision repair Product Manager.

“It cuts rapidly, providing a dense scratch pattern and a perfectly even, high-quality surface that is ready for paint.”

Earlier, Mirlon Total has been available in rolls and strips for hand sanding, but it is now also compatible with machine sanding thanks to the introduction of discs. In addition to that, Mirka has developed a net interface for Mirlon Total – not only for improving user comfort and the grip of the abrasive further but also to make it compatible with dust-free sanding as it enables on-tool dust extraction.

“These new additions to Mirlon Total make it even more flexible and adaptive than before”, adds Lerstrand. “Mirlon Total is the Mirka product that cuts from both sides, and as it now joins our dust-free solutions, we have another good reason to call it Total.”

Mirlon Total is a non-woven resin bonded abrasive that is well known for its abilities in automotive collision repair, and it also suits new vehicle manufacturing, wood, metal and composite processing as well as marine production. It is available in the grit range from 360 (Very Fine) to 2500 (Micro Fine), with colour coded grits for ease of use. In disc form, it is available in 150 mm and 77 mm sizes.

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