Polarshine® 5 - a new unique water based finishing compound for hologram removal


Polarshine 5 is the latest addition to Mirka’s polishing compound range. This new own produced polishing compound is developed to give a superior high gloss finish on various paints and lacquers.

The compound is suitable for blending of old and new paint work. The polishing compound is also well suited as a last step in the polishing process after Polarshine® 15, 12 and 10 in order to achieve a higher gloss level.

Polarshine® 5 250 ml

Polarshine® 5 1 L

Mirka's Polarshine 5 is recommend for hologram removal as a final step.

Polarshine® 5 + Black Waffle Foam Pad

  • For achieving an excellent finish

  • Application area: ART

  • Polishing machine: Mirka® ROP2 512NV or Mirka® PS 1437 Polisher

Mirka Polarshine range

Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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