Optimized Surface Preparation System

Mirka’s groundbreaking 'Optimized Surface Preparation System' maximizes performance at every stage. By using ingenious thinking to streamline and perfect the entire process, rather than just individual steps, this truly unique concept puts you in control. Surface preparation has never been so simple, fast and cost effective, with a premium quality result that is repeatable, over and over again!

Definition – ‘optimize’: to make something as perfect, effective and functional as possible.


Mirka is a recognized world leader in developing advanced surface finishing technologies. Thanks to its simplicity and speed, Mirkas's Optimized Surface Preparation System is set to replace traditional thinking. The system is truly unique thanks to an innovative combination of high-tech abrasives, tools and processes that cannot be compared to anything else on the market today. 

What is OSP?

  • Innovation versus tradition - Thanks to its simplicity and speed
  • A creative approach - Innovation is the core of Mirka
  • Less is much, much more - By using advanced technology
  • Smart solution for large or small repairs - As the trend towards SMART repairs
  • By taking advantage of the best - From the high-tech Mirka range

A unique solution for unparalleled benefits!