What is Golden Finish?

- It is an easy and clear post-paint solution

- It gives a continuous result

- It is colour and numeric coded

- It is a one-step system for light colours

- It is a two-step system on dark colours

- It has polishing pads that are gentle to complex surfaces

- It can handle both small and large defects

- It contains the abrasives, polishing pads and compounds to get the process done correctly!

Fresh clear coat - how to get small defects removed with Golden Finish and 77mm tools

The Golden Finish system is your best friend when it comes to small and medium size post-paint refinishing, removing nibs, drips and orange peel from the surface of your car.


  • Start with dry sanding the surface with your Mirka® DEROS 350CV set at 5000-7000 RPM.
  • Move to wet/damp sanding with the Golden Finish 2 pad and interface, spraying the surface and the abrasive with water. 


  • Polish with Mirka® ARP-B rotary polisher and the yellow waffle Golden Finish Pad 1, using Polarshine® 20 – set the speed at 800-1200 RPM.
  • Finish the job with the black waffle Golden Finish Pad 2 and Polarshine® 5. Always shake all compound bottles well before using them.

Fresh clear coat - how to get small defects removed with Golden Finish and 150mm tools

Would you like to speed up your post-paint work and get rid of defects and imperfections in a fresh painted clear coat?

We’ve got the solution for you! Thanks to the easy-to-use Golden Finish system you can get the same great result again and again and turn a good paint job into an amazing one. The 150mm abrasive is perfect for larger areas but also suitable for any nibs, drips or orange peel.


  • Start with the Golden Finish 1 on the Mirka DEROS 650CV, running it at approximately 6000-8000 RPM.
  • Wiping the surface clean and spraying on a layer of water, we move to sanding with Golden Finish 2 150mm.


  • Use the yellow waffle Golden Finish Pad 1 and Polarshine® 20 on the PS 1437, using a 135mm soft edge backing pad. The polisher should be used at around 1000 RPM.
  • The final step is with the black Golden Finish Pad 2, with the Polarshine® 5 Finishing Compound.

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