Mirka Iridium® SR with three-dimensional technology

The new Iridium SR is ideal for the finest finishing stages of automotive refinishing and collision repair as well as vehicle manufacturing. It performs consistently on clearcoat, topcoat and lacquers as well as composite processing. 

Key benefits:

  • Excellent quality consistency​
  • Fast cut and long life​
  • Easy and fast to polish out

World class cutting properties

Mirka’s new Iridium SR abrasive features excellent consistency and an extremely long life with its efficient silicon carbide grains. With evenly placed grain on a stable and robust backing, Mirka Iridium SR produces a world class, uniform cut and scratch pattern that is fast and easy to polish out.

Fast cut and long life​

The triangular silicon carbide grains form new abrasive edges whenever they break down during the sanding process, prolonging the sharpness of Iridium SR. This means less downtime and more focus on the job at hand, making it possible for you to reach for the finest finish.

Mirka PRO Finish - solutions for the complete process

The Mirka PRO Finish system brings together the complete process of spot sanding and polishing. With Mirka's new Iridium SR and water-based, sustainable Polarshine compounds from Mirka, the PRO Finish system is even better equipped to take your finishing quality to the next level.

Combine your PRO Finish system with:

  • Mirka Iridium SR abrasive
  • Mirka cordless tools for efficient spot sanding
  • Mirka Polarshine polishing compounds
  • Mirka polishing pads and supplies


Cordless tools

Iridium SR is best paired with Mirka’s ergonomic cordless tools, the AOS-B and AROS-B, giving unparalleled performance in spot repair work and finishing quality control. 

The light and ergonomic sanders improve productivity in manufacturing and collision repair.

  • Easy handling – no pneumatic hoses or electric cords
  • Ergonomic – sits well in your hand
  • Reliable sander even in the most demanding applications

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Good to know about spot repair

What is denibbing?

In automotive manufacturing and refinishing, after a coat of paint or clearcoat has been applied, there is a chance that small imperfections such as dust nibs become embedded in the surface. With careful sanding and polishing of the spot in question, the surface imperfection can be made to disappear, without need to refinish the entire panel. 


Why is the abrasive quality important? 

Every sanding step should make the following step easier. With a consistent scratch pattern, the sanded spot is far easier to polish out, making it impossible to see where the imperfection once was.


What is the benefit of using cordless tools? 

When performing detail work, there should be no distractions, and keeping the cord of a power tool away from a freshly finished surface is very important. With a cordless tool, you are free to focus on the job at hand, making it easier to go for the best possible finish.

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