Remove scratches from screens with Mirka Remint™

Mirka Remint™ is a quick and convenient way to give a new life to a smart device with a scratched screen. It restores uniform gloss on chemically hardened glass and is suitable for both factory refurbishment of devices, and in repair specialist shops.

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Due to cosmetic errors, a scratched device is not as profitable to refurbish even though the tech is valuable. The cost of replacing the screen is high.  But thanks to Remint, you can upgrade the device by removing the scratch in just minutes.

Quick and easy process for scratch removal

Remint is a unique process in that it produces a flat surface on chemically hardened glass, using no fillers. The sanding results in a smooth surface and complete removal of scratches, with the surface easy to polish to a like-new condition. This gives the device a new life, without the need for screen replacement.

  • Removes the scratch, no need for replacing the screen → Saves money
  • Restores the surface, not just filling in scratches temporarily → A Permanent solution
  • Consistent process → Easy to learn and adopt the process

Remint is suitable for mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches alike.

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With a lessened need to replace devices or device screens thanks to a completely safe, low-cost and sustainable solution, Remint can make a real difference when it comes to the smartphone refurbishing market and sales of used devices. 


Easy scratch removal in 3 steps

Measure the scratch level to choose the correct grit (10 is the coarsest and 50 the finest) of the abrasive compound to use. Sanding time depends on the depth of the scratch, glass quality and phone model.

  1. Sand* with a small amount of Remint Abrasive Compound with the copper pad on a Mirka® DEROS 350CV, until you have removed the scratch and have a uniform, matte surface.
  2. Polish with Remint Polishing Compound H, Remint Polishing Pad 77mm, and Mirka® AP.
  3. Final polishing with Remint Polishing Compound H and Remint Polishing Pad 80mm, and Mirka® AP

In just a matter of minutes, you have increased the device's value up to 20 times the cost of the consumables that were used in the process.

*Depending on the depth of the scratch pattern you may need a second sanding step.

Before starting the process make sure that the unit is water-proof. Seal any critical openings.

Polishing compounds and accessories