Mirka is celebrating a decade of its Power Tools division.  For over ten years already, Mirka has produced power tools that are especially well suited to work together with Mirka abrasives - and their end users.

Mirka’s award-winning, ergonomic and easy to use power tools are currently some of its best selling products, and the people developing these products are passionate about them.

The first Mirka power tool, the CEROS was launched already in 2009, in fact predating the foundation of the Power Tools division. Its success convinced the company that a dedicated division would streamline the development process of future products.

Caj Nordström, Product Development Manager says: “Developing new things and working with new technology has always been my passion, throughout my career.” Nordström has been in the centre point of Mirka’s power tool development from the beginning, as the division was initially formed around him.

“Mirka is well known for manufacturing abrasives, but abrasives are only a part of the complete picture, when it comes to sanding. They are best matched with tools that have been designed for them, to give the best possible result”, says Nordström. “The engineers are not only theoretical people, we like to use our products ourselves.”

Nordström remains humble about the Red Dot awards that products such as the DEROS have earned. “Winning our first award told us we had gotten the design right. But the most important feedback of course comes from end users, who work with our power tools every day. The tool must be perfect for the user.”

What kind of things does the future hold for Mirka Power Tools? “Coming up with new disruptive products!” answers Nordström. It has been a great start, and the work must continue.

Dust-free perfection challenge No. 2
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