Effective Wood Sanding

Achieving the desired final result with any surface treatment is affected by a wide variety of factors. For example, the choice of sanding material plays a vital part in the overall process. By choosing the correct type of sanding material and handling it correctly, you can ensure that you achieve an optimal sanding result, as well as the best possible lifespan for the sanding material itself. Choose Mirka’s unique sanding solutions for coarse and bare wood sanding, intermediate sanding of paint or lacquer or sanding of topcoat before polishing.

Get a brilliant surface finishing result by following Mirka’s step by step sanding and polishing guide for high gloss solutions. Sanding of high gloss paints and lacquers with Mirka DEROS electric sander and Microstar film, followed by the polishing steps with Polarshine 10 polishing compound and Mirka Polisher PS1437 with Yellow Lambswool Pro polishing pad.

Dust-free sanding solutions

Do you get covered in dust when sanding? Save your lungs and your wallet by switching to dust-free sanding.

When sanding without dust you get:

  •  Health benefits: stop dangerous dust getting into your lungs
  •  Cost-saving: use less abrasives, since Abranet lasts longer
  •  Money-saving: spend less time cleaning, and move on to the next job instead
  •  Faster sanding: clean abrasives cut better

Read more about all of the benefits from dust-free sanding: 

Mirka is the pioneer of dust-free sanding solutions. Explore the multiple benefits of our dust-free sanding solutions and see how healthy working environment, better efficiency,  and high-quality finish improve your business.


Salvi Harps, Italy

True dedication is something that is hard to define as it means different things for different people. For Enzo Vizzone of Salvi Harps, it means creating uniquely finished instruments and helping the beautiful harp music travel around the world.

”For us, the finishing process is the most important one”

Kauhavan Puutyö, Finland

Kauhavan Puutyö has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and reconstructing workbenches, serving a diverse set of clients.  Thanks to Mirka's dust-free solutions they can work more efficiently with better results. 

"52 hours saved yearly. More time to create something new."