Ready for the boating season with Polarshine® Marine Cleaning


Mirka is expanding its marine product portfolio. Mirka’s Polarshine range of compounds now features a new Marine Cleaning suite of products designed for upkeep of boats.

Mirka's Polarshine Marine Cleaning product range is designed for effortless and effective cleaning of surface stains in boats. It includes products from shampooing to deep cleaning, from finishing to protective coating, all with the aim of keeping your boat looking presentable from year to year, season to season.

Depending of the surfaces and the level of cleaning power needed, there is a suitable solution for every situation. Our Polarshine Marine Boat Wash is effective on stubborn dirt and works in cleaning engine compartments, yet it is gentle on sensitive surfaces. For dissolving stains in the waterline and hull, we recommend Marine Deep Clean. And to protect a clean and well finished gelcoat surface that has been detailed with the Marine Final Finish high quality finishing agent, there is the Polarshine Marine Shield to protect it from UV radiation, salt water, oxidation and other challenges.

“The new Polarshine Marine Cleaning product range has everything you need for gelcoat cleaning and maintaining: removing accumulated dirt, polishing the surface and protecting it for a whole season”, says Juha Miiluniemi, Key Account Manager at Mirka.

Combined with other Mirka products and solutions, the new Marine Cleaning range of products is the perfect do-it-all package. Keeping your boat looking great with Mirka Polarshine Marine Cleaning products also makes it easier to start and end the season with a worry-free feeling.

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