MirkaCode: KIT001HAND
This Hand Sanding Kit includes an ergonomic hand sanding block and five net sanding sheets. A net abrasive last much longer than a traditional sanding paper. This solution is suitable for sanding of walls, ceilings and wooden surfaces. If you connect the hand sanding block to a dust extractor you can sand virtually dust-free. The dust is effectively reduced as it is drawn through the thousands of holes. This reduces the clean-up time and there is no need for covering material or equipment. Includes an ergonomic hand sanding block 70x 198 mm + hose + interface + 5 Abranet sheets (1 pc P80, 3 pcs P120 and 1 pc P180)

ABRANET 70x198mm Grip P120
ABRANET 70x198mm Grip P180
ABRANET 70x198mm Grip P80
Hadice pro domácí použití 20 mm x 4 m