Polarshine® Marine Deep Clean

An effective, deep cleaning washing concentrate for cleaning your boat’s waterline and hull, effectively dissolving discoloration and stubborn dirt. Deep Clean removes from the boat’s surface stains caused by the likes of aquatic and bottom vegetation, discoloration, rust stains and fish blood. Deep Clean has a fresh scent and is pleasant to use even indoors. The product is suitable for gelcoat, fiberglass, paint, plastic, lacquer and other acid resistant surfaces. Lowest storage temperature +10 °C. pH-value 3. The Polarshine® Marine series contains the following products: The Boat Wash shampoo, the Deep Clean concentrate, the long lasting Shield coating treatment and the Final Finish detailer. Combined with Mirka’s Polarshine® compounds, these products help you maintain your boat in as-new condition from season to season.

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Teknik detaylar

Pale yellow
Density (g/ml)
1.08 g/ml



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Polarshine® Marine Deep Clean Polarshine® Marine Deep Clean Polarshine® Marine Deep Clean